H-ELP is very excited to announce our newest partnership with Animal Doctors International (ADI).

Our reach has broadened from a purely humane training focused organisation to addressing the deeper elements of elephant welfare. With projects already aimed at assisting food supply in South East Asia amid the COVID-19 pandemic and drought, we are extremely proud to be partnering with ADI to also focus on providing funds for veterinary care.

“It is truly wonderful to partner with H-ELP to safeguard Asian Elephants in Vietnam,” said Dr Will Thomas, Veterinarian and ADI Founder.

“The uniquely holistic approach of H-ELP addresses all facets of captive elephant welfare and we’re incredibly excited to bring desperately needed veterinary care to elephants. The elephants we are able to support are often in chronic pain, distress or experiencing malnutrition and don't have any access to veterinarians other than our visits.

“Together with H-ELP we are able to make a real difference to the lives and futures of these elephants.”

Watch this space as it is the beginning of a developing story and exciting partnership.

About Animal Doctors International

Animal Doctors International is designed around animals and the humans that care for them. From our hospitals located in the hearts of Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Vientiane we offer the very highest levels of compassionate, competent and professional veterinary medicine and surgery.

From dogs and cats, to monkeys and elephants our team is proud to protect the health and welfare of all animals under our care.

Our #1 goal is to provide world-class, exceptional clinical care, and in doing so, set a new standard in Asia.

The Human Elephant Learning Programs (H-ELP) foundation relies heavily on donations from the general public.

All funds donated to our 'Elephant Welfare' pillar will be evenly distributed amongst H-ELP and four other initiatives, including ADI, to support various Asian Elephant welfare programs.