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Alex Lilley

Dr. Andrew McLean

Nicki Stuart

Dr. Portland Jones

Marlee Horobin

Kevin Ovenstone

Breanna Harris

Helen Coleiro

Mark Trayling

Honorary Members

Laurie Pond

Christine Townend OAM

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"Andrew and his team have worked with the Wildlife Trust of India where I have witnessed the extraordinary sight of a young, wild elephant becoming enthusiastically co-operative as he was taught his basic riding training. These young elephants are not tethered and so are free to leave at any moment. This young male did so and then returned time after time for further interaction with Andrew. There is no doubt he enjoyed the training. I hope that this new method of teaching elephants becomes global and future human-animal inter-relations can be based on love, compassion and trust, rather than fear and domination."

Our Advisors

Wiebke Hendriksen

Laurie Pond


Dylan Bruce

If you would like to help volunteer with the H-ELP team, please contact us via our volunteer's application page.