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All funds donated to the Elephant Welfare pillar will be evenly distributed amongst H-ELP and the four initiatives below to be used in programs focusing on feeding Asian Elephants in need.

Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation

Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation (GTAEF)

GTAEF is a Thai-registered not-for-profit that focuses on helping elephants through three core pillars, Captive Elephant Welfare, Wild Elephant Conservation and Research & Education. As well as looking after elephants in their forested grounds in Far North Thailand, they have programmes to support vets, positive reinforcement training programmes, and directly help elephants across Thailand.


LEI was founded in 2018 as a not for profit organisation focused on promoting the wellbeing of both captive and wild Asian elephants through education, community partnerships and innovative conservation strategies. LEI have established the Feed The Elephants project to help feed starving elephants in Lao, provide veterinary checks and treatment to elephants, and hire full-time mahouts for high at-risk elephants.


ElephantStay, located in the Royal Elephant Kraal Village in Thailand, works to conserve, help and protect elephants whilst encouraging the culture of nurturing elephants. They have a specific focus on caring for retired working elephants, with 70 in their care at the moment. They also have projects targeting older elephants' nutrition, a breeding program, working with wild elephant rescues/conservation, growing food for elephants, and training/retraining of elephants.


Animal Doctors International (ADI) aims to radically improve the quality of veterinary care & animal welfare across South-East Asia. Their International Veterinary Surgeons perform best-in-class veterinary care to all animals - from pets to wildlife! ADI strives for excellence in everything we do as an organization and are committed to maintaining international standards and treating all animals with compassionate care.

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All donations by individuals over $2 are tax-deductible and were are registered with the ACNC.