A message from our founder

"Thank you for visiting H-ELP. This website explains our adaptation of scientific, evidence-based methods to elephant training. We know it improves the welfare of captive and working elephants and are proud to make this contribution as a not-for-profit organisation. Through our programs, H-ELP currently contributes to the development, welfare and safety of elephant handlers and trainers across India, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar."

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Learn about H-ELP and the elephants we help by having a zoom call with a GTAEF expert and a few friendly giants.

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Our approach

To educate with systematic, evidence-based techniques to improve the welfare of working elephants, while providing education and support to handlers and the wider elephant community.


Elephant-Friendly Training for Working Elephants

With the help of the Danish Animal Welfare Society we have published two editions of our training manual in a number of different languages. Would you like to contribute to sending a mahout to school?


Where we work

After a successful pilot program in Nepal, we now have 7 ongoing programs across South East Asia working with the largest owners of captive elephants. Together our programs enhance the welfare of approximately 5000 elephants.

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