Our final day with the mahouts and elephants in Myanmar began with a small interlude. Our work here is courtesy of the Myanmar Timber Enterprise and their new facilities were to be opened this morning by the region’s Minister for Natural Resources, Forests and Environmental Conservation Mr. U Kyaw Min San . Following this opening ceremony, one 30-year-old bull elephant, a really beautiful specimen, was to be donated to Sri Lanka in an additional ceremony. The Ambassador to Sri Lanka and his wife arrived in due course. So we had a meal with these dignitaries and this gave us the chance to present both the Minister and the Ambassador with my book, Elephant-friendly training for working elephants and to explain the basis of the training project and its significance in preventing poaching of elephants, tigers and rhinos which is rife throughout Asia. They then watched our elephants go through the various training routines and it was pleasing to see how much both mahout and elephant had improved. We then took a break to escape the midday heat and returned later for the final session.