Welcome to the H-ELP Foundation

The methods and techniques used in elephant welfare require reform.
Using Scientific, evidence-based methods, we are improving the welfare of working elephants.

Abuse ends where knowledge begins.

Captive Elephant Welfare reform

Elephant welfare practices require reform and the opportunity to have the biggest immediate impact on an elephants welfare lies with the training of their handlers and mahouts.

How we do it

Using systematic evidence-based techniques, we are improving the welfare of working elephants while teaching their mahouts to continue with out methods.

Where we operate

After a successful pilot program in Nepal, the H-ELP Foundation has now grown and we’ve setup 7 programs in 4 countries.

Our aim

Is to improve the welfare of working elephants lives until such time as there is adequate protection and space for captive elephants to be returned to the wild.

We've written the first book
especially for elephant handlers
and mahouts

It’s now available in English, Malaylam, Assamese, Lao, Burmese and Thai.

It’s called “Elephant Friendly Training for Working Elephants” and it’s been designed to cater to the every day needs of mahouts and elephant handlers so that they can develop the skills required to improve the lives of elephants.

Mahout holding training manual

Where We Work

After a successful pilot program in Nepal, we now have 7 ongoing programs across South East Asia working with the largest owners of captive elephants. Together our programs effect the welfare of approximately 5000 elephants.

Fine Art Printed OnStone

Over the years we’ve captured some incredible moments during our workshops. We’ve teamed up with OnStone in South Melbourne to bring these moments to live with magnificent prints.

Be a part of our mission

18% funded
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It is now estimated that half of the entire Asian Elephant species is now in captivity, and demand for our help far outstrips our capacity to supply it, so we function thanks to the generous donations of those that believe in our people and our work.

Keep up to date

We occasionally send out updates on our progress to our supporters and donors.

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