From the entire team, thank you all for your ongoing support.
We’ve had a brilliant past twelve months; our team has grown and gained some valuable talent and experience, our areas of work have expanded and we published our first book!

It’s all been made possible by the supporters, something you hear many organisations claim, we can however assure that every single day spent teaching mahouts about elephant welfare, behaviour and safety; is due to our supporters, as we otherwise simply couldn’t do it. The methods first discovered around 4500 BC, (thats 6514 years ago!!) would still be the only methods available for mahouts to use.

The Human Elephant Learning Programs today, has a greater ability to create change than ever before.
We are receiving more and more interest from government and private organisations that have heard of our work and success, and with your humble generosity we will continue to reach a greater number of elephants, and leave lasting change.

(Thank you! ~Assamese)

& Pinneedu kaananam!
(& see you again later! ~ Malayalam)