Andrew’s blog: Day 2

Owing to the insurgency in Manas where we had 4 young elephants to train, our workshop shifted to Kaziranga where we had just 2 young elephants. Today is day 2 and session 2 and it was day of mixed blessings. A wild bull strolled into the elephant precinct, causing quite a commotion. Gunshots were fired just as the young elephant we were training was mounted for the first time, so naturally she bolted to her nearby mother when the shot went off. I almost did the same thing myself. In spite of this intrusion, the young elephant, named Pudori, showed great improvement and after only one session yesterday, moves forward and back from voice command and light finger touch whilst mounted. This was way more than I had expected or even hoped for. During the commotion, which occupied most of the mahout’s attention, I was able to spend a few moments with Pudori refining her response to light finger signals with 100% success each time. Poor thing, she was quite frightened by the shots but still managed to get things right.

Unfortunately the second elephant that we were to train never arrived at the base camp because of the rampaging bull. Apparently his mother refused to come home whilst the bull was around. So we will begin his work tomorrow I hope.



Kaziranga workshop day 2

Working with Bordoi with some of the mahouts on day 2