Ben’s blog: Finally here!

Andrew and I arrived at Kohora, Assam in far North Eastern India last night for Andrew’s third elephant training workshop, and its straight down to business this morning.
Morning Breifing

Andrew and the workshop mahouts at morning briefing

To start things off, we met with several of the Mahouts from various elephant camps where Andrew outlined what he wanted to achieve and just some simple methodology for the mahouts to think about before the first hands-on classes commence this afternoon.
The workshop was originally planned for Manas, but an unfortunate uprising from separatist ethnic groups has made it unsafe and the workshop was relocated to the beautiful┬áKaziranga National Park, where elephants are an “Invaluable Asset” for the anti-poaching patrols that roam the 800 square hectare national park which is full of wild One Horned Rhino’s, Tigers, Leopards, Swamp Deer, Elephants, and other majestic animals that are tragically killed for uses in un-proven traditional medicines and other products to be sold on the black market.
We’ll be working with two young elephants this afternoon, getting the basics installed and the mahouts familiar with the process. We will build on these techniques over the next few days and focus on ensuring that there is a clear understanding of the elephant’s learning capacity so that the training can continue in between our visits.
I’ll keep you updated on their progress!